Siloma is a company tied up to the territory. The 90% of raw materials that we use, come from other enterprises located in the same production area.

Our goal is not only to respect the nature, but also, and above all, final consumers. For this reason we use ecopanels with the lowest emission of formaldehyde.

Thermo-structured melamine guarentees resistance to scratches, stains, bumps, abrasions and features therefore long losing high quality standard.



The modular TAG YOUNG collection, was designed as a FORNITURE SOLUTION, exclusive, versatile and coordinated.
Modularity, aesthetic and constructive features using and combining the identities SILOMA and CINQUEPUNTOZERO brands create an ideal space for our KIDS that takes them throug new important and beautiful stages of life.
A UNIQUE furnishing system designed with special care to every single detail and need.

Thanks to the use of the graphic program “ADA Designer“, we ensure the same data language from designer’s project up to production of the forniture.

Scegli la cameretta in base al tuo stile

Il progetto TAG WALLPAPER nasce dall’esigenza di fornire al cliente una soluzione di carte da parati con lo stesso modo delle camerette.

TAG WALLPAPER mette a disposizione un ventaglio di carte da parati progettate in esclusiva per convivere nel vostro nuovo ambiente, aggiungendo un tocco di personalità e originalità alla nuova soluzione d’arredo.