An Italian Story

Siloma was born in may 1968 in Barbisano (Treviso), as a typical handcrafted enterprise in the children’s bedrooms sector. Many years gave passed since Gino Simonetti, Arturo Lorenzon and Gianfranco Manarin decided to take on a project without specific objectives, but the only purpose to earn a living.

The project was to produce children’s bedrooms in plastic laminate. The tree partners have made many efforts to earn a place in the italian furniture industry, which even then was dominated by international giants.

  • We knew only to work well with our hands and for the first years we went to the factory every day, ignoring family ties.

  • At first, we made everything in honeycomb, than, without any market research that would reassure us, we decided to use the melamine. The greatest satisfaction was to be able to make a product that appealed to the market.