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Golden rules for furnishing serving spaces

SILOMA - 1 December 2021 - 0 comments

Even more functional and practical spaces

It’s no secret that modern homes are smaller than they used to be. Who doesn’t remember, for example, the large attics of their grandparents?

A smaller space, however, often corresponds to a inverse phenomenon: that of the daily needs that grow between sports, commitments and smart working, combined with the desire for a facilitated family management. For this reason, service environments are of fundamental importance today.

Distributed in various places of the house, in fact, those are the areas that allow us to guard all objects of daily use and not, without hindering the areas of high domestic turnout. Their purpose, therefore, is primarily practical. Structuring them in a functional way is the first step towards an always organized and orderly home.

Do you know the three golden rules to furnish your service environments at their best? Let’s discover them together!

1 – Consider the intended use

There is always a tendency to think that service environments are places that preserve the things we never use. Actually, these are corners that can have multiple functions, whether they are daily (such as laundry, ironing area or walk-in closet) or medium-long-term storage (garage, cellar or hobby room).

To choose the most suitable furniture, it is important to think about what use we intend to make of that specific room, carefully evaluating how much space we need, the type of supports required or its daily use.

For example, a wardrobe to keep the laundry tidy can be designed to satisfy more needs, but it will have characteristics that are deeply different from a solution designed for the garage.

The first, in fact, is used daily and must accommodate household appliances and clothing. The second, will have to adapt to boxes, heavy objects, outdoor tools and walls particularly extended, thus taking advantage of all the space available.

2 – Create a balance with the rest of the house

Although service environments can be separate rooms, they are often delegated to a single wall or corner of rooms that have a completely different functionality, such as the corridors or the guest room.

For this reason, it is important to choose a furniture that fits harmoniously inside the house, creating a unique and elegant result.

If you are setting up your home entrance, you may prefer a solution that allows you to hide keys, letters, coats and shoes, favoring only design elements on the exposed shelves. Similarly, your gym equipment can be stored in a comfortable space that is easy to reach, but invisible to those who sleep in the second bedroom.

It is not only a matter of leaning towards the most practical solution, but also to the one that is capable of enhancing the environment, without forcing you to compromise.

3 – Take advantage of custom spaces

If your home is characterized by a particular spatial distribution, relying on service environments tailored to you is the solution to all your concerns.

Do you want to take advantage of an empty corner without causing clutter in the home transit? Do you have to store your mountain bike equipment in a small garage?

Use a solution designed specifically for your needs, with cabinets and shelves designed specifically to fit the size of the room in which they are installed.

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