Mauro is a minimalist. Minimalist since he loves minimal. “I need simplicity. Being a manager makes my life a constant coming and going between airports, stations, taxis, subways. When I come back home, I need tranquility, peace, calm.”.“For me, this house is a place where I retreat and from which I shut out the world. It is a cosy home where I spend my days immersed in peace, far away from the city.”. “For me, the basics of my house must be simplicity and refinement, absolutely far from severity and austerity. Look at this kitchen: furniture and objects are reduced to a minimum number, but the room does not lose charm and elegance. The colors I chose make calm souls, clean out mind and add beauty to the room. Nothing is by chance.”. The house is bathed with light. You would agree with Mauro when he says that a little nook of earthly paradise is enough for feeling alive again.