The lawyers Matteo and Laura have a kitchen with a sober and minimalist, elegant and fascinating style. They met in the courtroom, and their love for horses made them inseparable. “There is a big part of us in this kitchen: the stools look like saddles, the colour of the furniture resembles the mantle of our horses, everything tells something of our lives” says Laura. What you feel entering this room is serenity and warmth, harmony and balance, due to the finishing colours, the natural materials and the well organized spaces. The protagonist of the room is the kitchen island, built in elm wood and with a white marble floor: this is elegance translated into a piece of furniture. From here, juts a long peninsula, that looks like a stone slab, supported by a thin blade of transparent glass: lightness and solidity are reversed. The wall cabinets and the columns, in gray silk finish and in green sage finish, create a pleasant setting for this class kitchen.