Adriano has decorated his kitchen as if it were the plot of one of his novels “You have to create a story, create characters, enter fortuitous events and conclude with an unexpected ending. If you look at my furniture, you will see that each part of it is a key step in this book that is my kitchen.” says the writer. In fact, there is a particular order in his furniture: from the stove, which could be the beginning of the novel, in finish white lacquer with a black marble floor, you go to the sink, and here appears slowly a dark shadow, as is the story began to advance. This dark shadow is the wall cabinet in wood finish, placed on top. Suddenly the bases’ floor is lowered and above it appears a second wall cabinet in red lacquer finish, a real coup de théâtre. But a good novel ends with an unexpected event, and thus also applies to Adriano’s kitchen: a peninsula juts from the base, made of wood, supported by a thin glass plate. The kitchen becomes a novel in which the last page closes with serenity.