“Every room of our house must be a creative place. Silvia and I are musicians so we need to find inspiration everywhere, we need to free our music in every place, without limits.” says Mike, showing the bedroom. This place is so modern and original that seems to be created just for two unique personalities such as Silvia and Mike: the bed looks like is floating, the furniture, in finishes Old king, remind canvas wefts, the original accessories seem musical notes. This is a modern dimension, different from classics, and it’s perfect for a young couple, who needs innovation and exclusivity. Also the walk-in cabinet, is an eccentric place, but there is nothing left to disorder or confusion: the glass doors open over an organized and tidy space. The back and the shelves are in finishes Grigio Wood, whereas the drawers are in finishes Grigio Seta, creating a pleasant contrast of tones.