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Siloma from 1968

Siloma stands out for the production of multifunctional, safe and space-saving children’s bedrooms. Siloma always combines the will to bring emotions into bedrooms of children and teenagers with attention to the continuous change of their needs: the bedroom opens to new solutions, accommodating the study/play/relaxation corner. Young & Kids furniture proposals are customizable and extremely flexible over time.


Siloma conceives the children’s room as a room that, more than any other, must be able to adapt to the rapid changes of those who live there. This idea of design translates into modular furniture dedicated to rest, play, learning through creativity and imagination, and it is realized in environments capable of expressing the identity of children and teenagers. For functionality and aesthetics, Siloma interprets the needs of study, recreation, hobbies and relationships that evolve with the passage of time and, thanks to the transversality of the proposals, offers multifunctional solutions for the different rooms of the house.



The Young & Kids rooms by Siloma are smart modular systems that fulfill with character the needs in continuous evolution, from childhood to beyond adolescence. Even the furnishing solutions for the service rooms such as laundry, ironing, anteroom, play area, fitness space, attic, garage, are integrated into the living spaces of the house.

Design Culture

Innovative ideas and a deep-rooted design culture make Siloma a competitive player, capable of optimizing production processes and responding promptly to every customer’s request.


In addition to aesthetics and ergonomics, the ingredient of careful design by Siloma is compliance with safety requirements in terms of size, shape and composition of the furniture.


Siloma produces bedrooms that fully satisfy the needs of children and teenagers; with the same transversal and multifunctional vision, for all the rooms of the house it creates furniture that performs functions that are not only domestic – just think of the spaces for smart working, home fitness, gaming activities, hobbies that require space to store equipment and tools.


Siloma carefully chooses the materials with which it makes the furniture, so that the quality of life is guaranteed in all the rooms of the house, from bedrooms to the service rooms. In accordance with European industry standards, furniture is classified E1, which is low formaldehyde content, and the paints used are CE certified.

Well being

In designing, Siloma takes great account of the age, tastes and interests of children and teenagers, in order to create spaces in which to sleep well, study better and have fun in complete serenity.

Customized production

The customization of the furniture makes the house special and tailored to those who live it. Thanks to the historical experience in the production of bedrooms and service furniture, the solutions are perfect for every space. All the main phases of the production cycle take place inside the Siloma plants or under the control of the company and exclusively in Italy. This choice ensures a high quality product.

In harmony with nature

The production takes place in respect of the environment, thanks to the use of materials from wood recycling processes. No trees are cut down. To minimize and protect the environment, all packaging (polystyrene, cardboard and PVC film) are 100% recyclable.


To make furniture, Siloma does not cut down trees. For a long time, in fact, the company has been choosing wood from recycled and agglomerated with resins that meet the USA standards (Carb2) that are more restrictive than the European legislation (Class E1) in terms of emissions for the protection of health. Lacquer finishes are also exempt from the substances defined as ” of very high concern” (SVHC) – listed in the ECHA Candidate List – and do not contain substances subject to authorization or restrictions or restrictions on use or marketing (Annex XIV and XVII to REACH). The use of Siloma products is safe.

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