We design our furniture products to the highest quality standards.

Siloma runs scrupulous controls to ensure an uniform original quality of the surfaces, colours and finishes of its products, and checks the function of components.

The main material used in production isthe ecological panel with low formaldehyde content (class E1). Selecting a Siloma product means therfore buying a product respecting your health.

Structural and supporting components (such as bridge support bars, metal bed side panels, etc.) have been thoroughly tested to guarantee a certain load bearing capacity. They have been galvanically surface treated and finished with high quality coatings to ensure a long service life.

Moreover, always for regarding what concern the coating used, our sophisticated production technology ensures the outstanding quality our lacquered products. Lacquered components are finished with POLYESTER coating. Siloma is committed to ensur that the entire coating process is both functional and eco-friendly.

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