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Three tips for decorating the room of children and teenagers in time

SILOMA - 1 November 2021 - 0 comments

The perfect bedroom

The teenagers’ room is a special place: it hosts the world of children and makes them feel protected, it turns into a space in which to be free to express and dream during adolescence and becomes the place to relax after long hours of study. Making it a welcoming and fun environment, able to accompany your children in their growth, therefore, is an important task.

Do you want to furnish your children’s room in a comfortable and multifunctional way, so as to accommodate their needs even when they are teenagers?  Here there are three things to consider.

1 – Choose the right colors

Colors are fundamental to give character to any environment and, at the same time, must be able to reflect the preferences of those who live there, without tiring in time.

When confronted with different design proposals and accents, the question is just how long they last. In order that, within five or ten years, the shades are not out of fashion or childish for your teenagers, it is important to lean for softer and minimal shades, so as to ensure their adaptability over time.

Meanwhile, for the little ones, it is possible to make the space creative and stimulating with decorative elements such as prints, pillows, games, lights and colorful carpets. The result is guaranteed!

2 – Invest on the right bed

The bed is the central element of the bedroom. When it comes to the youngest, it should not be forgotten that it is not only a place to rest, but also a space where the teenagers spend many of their free time reading, chatting with friends and playing video games.

The size of the structure is of fundamental importance: if it is true that for children it is pleasant to feel wrapped by a customized bed, it is equally true that a larger wardrobe, enriched by comfortable pillows and blankets, will allow the furniture to last over time, adapting it easily to the growing needs of your children.

3 – Prepare a space for study

Never before in the last two years, between distance learning and smart working, we have learned the importance of home environments in every aspect of daily life. The moments dedicated to homework after school are no less!

In your children’s room, therefore, a well-lit and spacious study corner cannot be missing, designed to accommodate all the school tools (books, notebooks, computers, sketchbooks and cases) without forcing your children to uncomfortable and harmful positions for their posture. An adjustable chair, then, will allow them to take advantage of the furniture for many years to come.

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