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A wardrobe to keep the laundry room in order

SILOMA - 1 October 2021 - 0 comments

A strategic room for daily activities

The laundry room is undoubtedly the operative center of the house. In fact, clothing, footwear, household linen pass between its walls; it is a strategic room for all the activities that we carry out in our daily lives. That’s why a well-organized environment can make the difference in home management, making washing and ironing less tiring.

The secret? Have a modular wardrobe, versatile and customizable, which is suitable for all spaces, from the smallest to the largest.

Choosing the right wardrobe

Integrate a wardrobe in the laundry room, equipped with open and closed storage spaces, allows to maximize the space available and to keep at hand and in order all the essential elements for the laundry.

The design of a custom wardrobe also provides numerous advantages, including perfectly embedding the washing machine and dryer and to obtain a utility room, whether the laundry is in the bathroom or in the anteroom, whether it is set up in a dedicated room.

An orderly and organized environment

Just like the wardrobe of the bedroom, also the one dedicated to laundry consists of drawers, shelves and hanging rod that make it a formidable ally: cleaning products, basins, laundry baskets and the ironing board find a suitable location.

Even where a room cannot be dedicated to the laundry, it is still possible to intelligently organize the spaces, to hide this domestic corner from view and safeguard the order of the surrounding environment.

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